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Kelly, Debra

lundi 5 juillet 2010, par Vincent Gimeno-Pons

Chers Amis

Je serais reconnaissante si vous pouviez ajouter les quelques mots suivants aux ’Amis d’Arlette’. On m’a prié de les écrire en anglais.


From Debra Kelly


Dearest Arlette

I once wrote that you opened your home and your heart to me. That has remained true since I started my unending adventure with PAB and with you, and will remain true although we may not see each other again.

Your unfailing generosity allowed me to work with PAB’s lifetime of creation, and together we embarked on a wonderful adventure that brought PAB to England once again, following in Barbara Wright’s footsteps. A journey that will continue shortly across Spain and Latin America with the translation into Spanish of the 31 Poemes de Poche (fittingly one of wonderful our Barbara’s last translations into English......) which I will have the immense honour and pleasure of overseeing as a commemoration of your memory. Let’s go... (if I can keep with you...).

Goodbye, dearest Arlette, and let’s not forget that the one place that Grabinoulor could not find was the Empire of the Dead :

’and Grabinoulor was knocked sideways by the thought that so many people over such a long time were able to believe in death and had been pleased to drive themselves to despair by imagining a dead world opposite the living world as if such a thing were really possible and Grabinoulor saw very clearly that his mother was the rose blooming beside him and the forest he was working through and the birds flying and the children playing and the lovers passing by the light illuminating them and then he was filled with joy and he admired the world’ 
’Grabinoulor goes to look for the Empire of the Dead’, The First Book of Grabinoulor (translated by Barbara Wright).
Much love today and always, Debra